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A group for people to discuss the bias in today's media. If you feel our media is bias and has an agenda of their own, this is the place to talk about it and post examples.

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A group to reveal and review the most outrageous media bias. A civil group open for discussion with an open mind and willingness to view both sides of the fence. Come on in and join the discussion. Feel free to post any example of the things you see that lead you to believe the media is biased. I'd like to request everybody refrain from posting things that have nothing to do with media bias. The purpose of the group to to view and discuss percieved media bias, on both sides. Some may think the media leans right, others left, and still others may not think there is any media bias at all. The purpose of this group is to be educational and have enjoyable discussion on the subject of media bias. There are representatives from both sides of the fence and hopefully we can have intelligent discussions with respect for the others opinions.